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Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine Review

Written by Tochukwu Ikpeze Staff Writer
Reviewed by Dr. Sherrie Neustein Medical Reviewer
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Look & Feel

The gray and black Z2 weighs less than a pound and features a footprint only slightly larger than an average smartphone.

Ideal For

  • Frequent travelers interested in a small CPAP machine with a battery-powered option
  • Individuals who want to use their travel CPAP machine while flying
  • Sleepers who prefer using their own mask with a travel CPAP machine

Who Should Keep Looking

  • Those who only need a CPAP for at-home use
  • People who don’t need to consider a machine’s size
  • Sleepers who require a machine that can connect to supplemental oxygen
  • Price


  • Dimensions

    6.5″ x 3.3″ x 2″

  • Noise Rating

    26 dBA

  • Weight

    0.65 lbs.

The Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine by HDM, a division of Breas Medical, is a positive airway pressure (PAP) machine with both continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and automatic positive airway pressure (APAP) functions.

First released in 2019, the Z2 Auto Travel CPAP is an updated form of the Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine. In addition to being quieter than the Z1, the Z2 also starts and stops automatically.

We’ll walk you through the Z2 Auto Travel CPAP’s features, performance, and cost so you can decide whether it’s right for your needs.

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What You Need to Know About the Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine

The Z2 Auto Travel CPAP offers both CPAP and APAP settings. The CPAP setting provides a fixed level of air pressure, which is determined in a CPAP titration study, while the APAP setting uses an algorithm to automatically adjust the air pressure to accommodate a sleeper’s changing breathing patterns. A sleep specialist can determine which mode is best for you and program the machine accordingly.

The Z2 Auto Travel CPAP is highly streamlined, even compared to other travel CPAP machines. Traditional humidifiers can be bulky, but the Z2 uses a disposable heat and moisture exchanger (HME) that uses moisture in the sleeper’s breath to provide humidification without a water tank.

Other Z2 features include ramp mode, a reusable Qlite muffler to quiet the sound, automatic start and stop, a Nitelog app to track sleep data, and a proprietary Z-Breathe algorithm that provides a more comfortable air pressure level.

What Comes With It

The Z2 Auto Travel CPAP comes with the components required to use the machine, such as a power cable, tubing, tube adapter, USB cable for data transfer, and filter. The user must purchase their mask separately, as is common with CPAP machines.

The Z2 also has two unique components, an HME and a Qlite muffler. The HME recycles moisture from the sleeper’s breath to humidify the pressurized air, while the Qlite uses foam to dampen noises produced by the device.

Features You Might Like

The Z2 offers features that are common among travel CPAP machines, like a small size and battery compatibility, as well as less common features such as the disposable HME and the proprietary Qlite muffler. The Z2 is also approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for in-flight use.

CPAP Machine Size and Cost

The Z2 Auto Travel CPAP is exceptionally streamlined and fits easily into a carry-on bag or purse. At 6.5 by 3.3 inches and only 2 inches tall, the Z2 weighs less than a pound and is one of the smallest travel CPAP machines on the market. The use of an HME also provides humidification without a bulky tank, so sleepers don't have to choose between small size and comfort.

APAP and travel CPAP machines tend to cost more than standard CPAP machines. The Z2 has an average price-point for a travel CPAP machine and is priced lower than most small APAP machines.

However, users should factor in the cost of replacing the disposable HME cartridge when considering upkeep costs. Each cartridge lasts for seven nights of use before needing to be replaced.

How This CPAP Machine Performs

When choosing a PAP machine, there are a variety of factors to keep in mind.

Each CPAP machine has its pros and cons, so considering specific factors may make it easier to decide whether a machine is right for your needs. Not all categories may be important to you, so consider your own needs and preferences before making a decision.

The Z2 Auto Travel CPAP features a backlit LCD screen and a settings menu that users can navigate using three large buttons. Most people are likely to find the Z2 easy to use, though some users may need to use glasses to read the display information.

Like most other CPAP machines, the Z2 is compatible with all standard size and slim-style tubing as well as CPAP masks that work with standard tubing. The Qlite muffler is also compatible with all standard tubing.

Sleepers must purchase replacement heat and moisture exchanger cartridges from Breas Medical. Breas does not recommend purchasing a separate humidifier tank to use with the Z2 Auto instead of the HME cartridges, since using a humidifier may affect the Qlite muffler.

Sleepers who want to use battery power for their Z2 must use the PowerShell battery.

The Z2 Auto Travel CPAP displays the air pressure settings on the LCD screen. Air pressure is measured in centimeters of water pressure (cm H2O), with a pressure range of 4 to 20 cm H2O. This range is standard for most CPAP machines and is likely to fulfill the needs of most users.

At 26 decibels, the Z2 Auto Travel CPAP runs more quietly than most of its competitors. This level is considered quieter than a whisper and is unlikely to bother light sleepers. However, the Z2 is slightly louder when not used with the Qlite muffler.

The Z2 Auto Travel CPAP uses an HME for humidification, which is a self-contained cartridge that cannot be adjusted. Its design lessens the chance of humidification-related problems, such as excess moisture in the tubing, but some users may prefer a traditional tank-based humidifier that allows for additional temperature and humidity adjustments.

The Z2 Auto Travel CPAP requires standard maintenance and cleaning for a CPAP machine, though its accessories also require upkeep. Daily care involves washing the tubing with warm, soapy water. Users can wipe off the machine with a damp cloth, if needed. The Qlite piece does not require cleaning, though it should be checked for cracks and replaced when needed.

Weekly replacement of the HME is also required for sleepers that choose to use that optional function. Unlike traditional CPAP machines with humidifiers, adding water to a tank is not necessary.

Thanks to its streamlined weight and size, the Z2 Auto Travel CPAP is exceptionally portable, even for a travel CPAP device. While the machine is FAA-approved for in-flight use, users must turn off the machine’s Bluetooth before takeoff.

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What Do Customers Have to Say About the Z2 Auto Travel CPAP?

The majority of users report being very satisfied with their Z2 Auto Travel CPAP, though many note that it should be used for travel, not for daily use. The machine’s compact size and easy-to-use design receive the most praise, followed by the Qlite muffler’s ability to keep noise to a minimum.

Users report mixed reviews for the HME. Most state that it works appropriately in most conditions, though extremely dry or humid conditions may cause it to be less effective. However, other users say that they require more humidification than the HME can provide.

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

AvailabilityCPAP machines like the Z2 Auto Travel CPAP are only available with a prescription and must be purchased from an authorized CPAP retailer. The machine is available at online and brick-and-mortar CPAP retailers but cannot be purchased directly from the manufacturer.
ShippingShipping fees vary depending on the retailer, though many online CPAP retailers offer free shipping for CPAP machines. The time it takes to receive your new CPAP machine will depend on your location, retailer, and shipping method.
Sleep TrialTrial periods vary by retailer. Customers should review their retailer’s return policies before making a purchase.
WarrantyBreas Medical provides a two-year non-transferable limited warranty for the Z2 Auto Travel CPAP. The company will repair or replace the machine if it fails under normal use, though the warranty does not cover damage caused by the owner, misuse, or water damage.

Medical Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a health care provider prior to starting a new treatment or making changes to your treatment plan.

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