Do I have Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a serious condition affecting more than 22 million Americans who suffer from lack of restorative sleep. Typical symptoms of sleep apnea include heavy snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness or fatigue, difficulty with concentration or memory, and waking during the night feeling short of breath. Untreated sleep apnea can lead to serious health consequences, but with treatment many people see dramatic improvements to their quality of life.


Falling asleep at 10,000 ft.

I was a naval aviator. I was so tired I’d be falling sleep while flying the airplane.I was in a meeting with a four-star admiral and chief of naval operations and I fell asleep and snored.




Finding a cool way to fight sleep apnea

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in high school. I didn’t want to take a CPAP machine to college, ’cause that’s not cool.

I had surgery to reshape the jaw.




An athlete learning to adapt to sleep apnea

I was a decathlete at school, I was a national champion tri-athlete, I played collegiate soccer. Sleep apnea can affect anyone, whether you’re physically fit or not.



Where can I get help?

You are not alone with sleep apnea. Let us show you how treating sleep apnea changes lives, including yours or a loved one’s. Join our Forum, or one of our local AWAKE groups. Get digital with Facebook, Twitter and our SleepHealth mobile app. If you’ve been diagnosed and need a CPAP machine and can’t afford one, we can help.


Sleep apnea can happen to kids too

I have a CPAP machine, just like my Dad. I even take it to summer camp so I can get good sleep.





I didn’t think I fit the profile

I thought, I can’t have sleep apnea: I’m 40, I’m a woman, I’m a healthy weight – sleep apnea is something that occurs to older, heavyset men.

I was so ingrained in the idea that I didn’t fit the profile.



One cause for many symptoms

I was dealing with chronic pain, extreme fatigue and sleepiness, memory and concentration problems, frequent illness, and heavy snoring. I didn’t know they could have a common root cause.


Join us, make a difference!

Most of those affected by sleep apnea do not even know treatment is at hand. We’re patients and experts who are united in education, research and finding solutions to better cope with the effects of sleep apnea. Join us by subscribing to our newsletter, volunteering or donating to


“No one was listening!”

I was told: “you have to use the machine at least six hours per night or we will take it away.” No one was responsive to my problem.





Asleep at 60 mph.

I fell asleep on a winding road in Maine going 60 mph . . . the next thing ‘bang!’,

I hit a mini-van coming around the curve.




San Juanita

“El sueño es la vida: sleep is life”

I am an attorney by profession, and I was falling asleep while interviewing my clients.




It’s time to get a better night’s sleep.