Editorial Policy

At SleepApnea.org, we are committed to providing information and resources for people with sleep apnea. Our overarching goal is to help readers understand this medical condition and its potential impacts on daily life.

Sleep apnea is a complex topic, so our writers and editors take measures to ensure the content on this site is accurate, up to date, and bias-free. Each page undergoes a rigorous review process that includes input from licensed medical professionals, and we continually re-evaluate our guides to account for recent research and developments in the field of sleep science.


We exclusively use reputable, data-based sources for our medical reports and product guides. In order to be fully transparent, we cite each source. These sources include:

  • Peer-reviewed studies published in academic journals
  • Official reports from government agencies
  • Data derived from collegiate-level research
  • Information from legitimate medical organizations 

Our Team

Each member of our writing and editorial team brings years of experience and expertise to the content we publish. We also rely on invaluable feedback from our medical expert panel, which includes licensed physicians, psychologists, physical therapists, and sleep scientists — all with a professional background related to the study and treatment of sleep apnea.

All new content follows the same creation process. After thoroughly researching the topic at hand, a writer will compose a draft and hand it off to the editorial team. One of our medical panelists also reviews the draft prior to publication. The original writer and medical reviewer are listed in the bylines of each guide.

Product Recommendations

Our product recommendations are based on rigorous research and analysis. The SleepApnea.org testing team also personally evaluates over-the-counter products such as anti-snoring mouthguards and pillows. We assign ratings to each product based on different performance areas, resulting in a final overall score we use to determine our top product picks. Due to prescription limitations, we do not test CPAP machines or masks firsthand. Recommendations for these products are based on verified owner reviews.

Our testing team consists of experienced sleep experts who have collectively evaluated hundreds of individual sleep products. We never recommend a product without fully vetting it for quality and performance. The top picks featured in our guides may periodically change as we test new products and weigh them against existing entries. 

Medical Disclaimer

SleepApnea.org was created to assist people with sleep apnea and their loved ones. We are a digital publisher. While we make recommendations for certain products, we do not provide health or medical advice, and our content should never be a substitute for medical care or treatment. Moreover, you should not disregard advice you receive from your physician in favor of content featured on our site. Always speak to a doctor before taking new medication, modifying your diet, or adopting lifestyle changes related to your physical or mental health.

SleepApnea.org does not make any claims regarding the efficacy or safety of products featured on our site. Information about sleep apnea is constantly evolving, so our content — while fully vetted for accuracy — should not be seen as exhaustive or complete. We do not and will not endorse any specific test, healthcare facility, clinical care provider, medication, medical procedure, or opinion that may be present on our site.

Contact Us

We rely on feedback from our readers to maintain accurate, up-to-date resources for people with sleep apnea. If you have questions for our team or suggestions for improving our website, please send us an email at [email protected]. You can also send snail mail to the following address:


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