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AG Industries Nonny Pediatric Full Face Mask Review

Written by Tochukwu Ikpeze Staff Writer
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Look & Feel

The Nonny Pediatric Full Face Mask features sturdy headgear and soft silicone cushions, with multiple sizing options designed to suit a range of smaller faces.

Ideal For

  • School-aged children who breathe through both their mouth and nose during sleep
  • Teens and adults with a smaller-than-average face
  • Families who want to try a few different sizing options

Who Should Keep Looking

  • People weighing less than 66 pounds
  • People who have trouble removing the mask by themselves
  • Kids who feel claustrophobic wearing a full-face CPAP mask
  • Price


  • Size

    Small, Medium

  • Type


The Nonny Pediatric Full Face Mask by AG Industries was launched in 2020 as a successor to the company’s pediatric nasal CPAP mask. This full-face model covers both the mouth and nose, with sturdy headgear to secure it in place. Quiet venting and soft cushions help minimize discomfort for younger users.

While continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is a mainstay treatment option for people with obstructive sleep apnea, it is less commonly prescribed for children, since doctors usually try surgery first to remove any physical blockages to the airway while the child is still growing. As a result, the range of child-sized masks on the market is quite limited. The AG Industries Nonny Pediatric Full Face Mask is an attractive option for school-aged children, teens, or adults with a smaller facial structure.

We’ll run through the specs of the Nonny Pediatric Full Face Mask, including its design, materials, and how the mask works. We’ll also take a look at what to expect when it comes to care and maintenance and provide a brief comparison to other AG Industries masks.

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Other Mask Models Made by AG Industries

  • Nonny Nasal CPAP Pediatric Mask: The Nonny Nasal CPAP Pediatric Mask is very similar to its full-face counterpart, with the only difference being that the mask covers just the nose and not the mouth. Children may prefer the less constraining feeling of this nasal CPAP mask, which leaves the mouth free for coughing or speaking.
  • Sopora Nasal CPAP Mask: With a similar build to the Nonny mask line, the Sopora Nasal CPAP Mask features wraparound headgear and forehead support. This mask comes in three sizes designed for adults.
  • Reveal Direct Nasal Interface Mask: The Reveal Direct Nasal Interface Mask has a minimalist design with nasal pillows that insert inside the nostrils. A unique feature of this mask is that it accommodates different sleep positions by allowing users to place the tubing either pointing down or extending up over the head.

What You Need to Know About the AG Industries Nonny Pediatric Full Face Mask

The Nonny Pediatric Full Face Mask is a lightweight CPAP mask designed for smaller faces. This mask delivers CPAP therapy for children and adults weighing at least 66 pounds. Because it sends air into both the nose and mouth, this mask may be a good option for people who tend to breathe through their mouth while they sleep.

The mask has soft silicone cushions that form a secure seal without the need to overtighten the mask. Designed with children in mind, the cushions don’t exert unnecessary pressure on a child’s sensitive skin or developing bones. They’re also transparent, allowing parents and caregivers to easily spot any problems.

Adjustable straps around the forehead, the cheeks, and the top of the head keep the mask securely in place — a convenient feature for children who are active sleepers. A snug, conforming forehead pad provides an extra anchor point.

An important feature of any CPAP mask is the ability to vent exhaled air to prevent the sleeper from rebreathing carbon dioxide. The Nonny Pediatric Full Face Mask has a quiet venting system engineered to disperse exhaled air with minimal disturbance to the child or anyone else in the bed.

This mask contains a short segment of tubing meant to attach to the CPAP device hose. The shorter tubing attachment gives sleepers a little leeway to shift positions without pulling on the main CPAP hose.

CPAP Mask Cost

The Nonny Pediatric Full Face Mask has a similar price-point to other pediatric full-face CPAP masks. 

Special considerations go into choosing CPAP masks for children, as they must adapt to smaller faces and offer a strong seal without causing uncomfortable pressure points or claustrophobia. The Nonny Full Face Mask meets these criteria, but unlike most pediatric masks, it has a larger frame designed for older children weighing more than 66 pounds. As a result, the mask has few direct competitors.

CPAP masks see nightly use and come into contact with facial oils, moisture, and other substances that can break down the mask materials over time. That’s why manufacturers recommend replacing mask components on a regular basis. Ask your supplier for a replacement schedule, and expect to replace the cushion and headgear several times a year.

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Using This CPAP Mask

The Nonny Pediatric Full Face Mask is designed for children, and the manufacturer has included several features to facilitate ease of use for younger users. The cushions pop easily in and out of the frame, and the headgear features hook-and-loop straps that can be adjusted by simply pulling them tighter or looser.

Like most CPAP masks, the Nonny Pediatric Full Face Mask is compatible with the majority of CPAP machines and accessories, except the ResMed AirMini travel CPAP device. The mask has a 22-millimeter tubing connection that fits standard-sized hoses.

Compatibility for heated tubing primarily depends on the CPAP machine. Heated tubing manufacturers usually provide a list of compatible machines for shoppers to consult before deciding on a model.

CPAP mask care is similar across models. On a daily basis, experts recommend using a damp, soapy cloth or CPAP mask wipes to clean sweat and body oil from the mask cushions. Once a week, take apart the mask and headgear and wash them in warm, soapy water. Fully rinse and air dry the parts away from direct sunlight before reassembling the mask.

Although there aren’t many reviews of the Nonny Pediatric Full Face Mask, parents and caregivers have commented that the mask offered a good fit and helped improve their children’s sleep apnea symptoms. Some reviewers have mentioned that they purchased it again when the time came to buy a new mask.

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