Sleep health in social media: We’ve got you covered!

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You probably know by now that the American Sleep Apnea Association has upgraded its blog and family of websites. But did you know we are busy engaging with people interested in sleep health across multiple channels in social media?

You can find us chatting it up with followers in Facebook and Twitter, and you can see our visual presence at our Instagram account and even listen to some sleepy-time inspiration through our Spotify playlists.

Check out some great recent content we’ve shared and discussed below.

Our latest social media adventures in sleep health

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We have fun photos, comics, and infographics to share at our Sleeptember® Instagram account. For those who like their sleep concepts visual, check us out and follow us for future images!

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Our ASAA Facebook group is busy sharing information and engaging on topics related to sleep apnea and beyond. Meanwhile, we open up the discussion about sleep health by focusing on the full range of sleep disorders at the Sleeptember® group in Facebook. Come join our communities and interact with people who share your interests!

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Here are the top 5 tweets for both our @ASAA and @Sleeptember® Twitter feeds, which our followers engaged with the most during the first quarter of 2017. Follow us to stay on track with our most recent content and to participate in future Twitter events!

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For our music-loving and listening fans, we offer two different playlists to help wake up and stay energized throughout the day, plus a third one devoted to relaxation and preparation for a good night’s sleep!

Spotify Playlist Sleeptember "Good Morning Music"
Spotify Playlist Sleeptember "Afternoon Tunes"

Spotify playlist for Sleeptember "Sound Asleep"