Webinar Series

On the second and fourth Wednesday of every month, join our live webinars to learn about various aspects of living with Sleep Apnea and other related sleep conditions. Learn about the ASAA’s work to speed medical breakthroughs. Log on, listen to the expert discussion and submit your own questions to our panelists. Can’t make it for the live event? Watch when you can through our archive library below.

Upcoming webinars:


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Adam Amdur & Dr. Collin Sullivan – CPAP Appreciation Day – April 2019

Facebook Live with Kevin Bradley – AWAKE Curriculum Module 1 – February 2019

Facebook Live with Kevin Bradley, Adam Amdur & Carl Stepnowsky – January 2019

Facebook Live with Kevin Bradley & Adam Amdur – January 2019

Facebook Live with Kevin Bradley – January 2019

Pain and Sleep- What Can You Do To Help? – November 2018

Learn About Nighttime Urination – Why It Happens and What You Can Do – November 2018

Melatonin and Over-the-Counter Sleep Aids – October 2018

The Consequences of Insomnia – September 2018

Raising Voices For Progress In Treatment And Care: Report of the Patient Focused Medical Product Development Meeting – September 2018

Sneak Peak of AWAKE Sleep Apnea Survey – May 2018

AWAKE Sleep Apnea Initiative – May 2018

“Why Should I Participate in Research?” – May 2018

Common Types of Sleep Apnea – April 2018

Pediatric Sleep: Birth to Teen Years РMarch 2018

Violent Moving Nightmares: REM Sleep Behavior Disorder – January 2018

Lack of Sleep and Your Brain – January 2018

Patient-Centered Outcomes & The Patient Voice: How Can Patients Engage? – December 2017

COPD & Sleep Apnea: The Overlap Syndrome – December 2017

Sleep & Diabetes РConsiderations for the Thanksgiving Table РNovember 2017

Recognizing Sleep Apnea in Children – October 2017

ASAA / Patient-centered research design of therapeutic devices – September 2017