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Trouble sleeping? How might our sleep community help you sleep better?

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Insomnia Alyssa L. Miller ASAA American Sleep Apnea Association CC by 2.0
“Insomnia” (2009) by Alyssa L. Miller (CC BY 2.0)

There are, unfortunately, so many reasons why we aren’t sleeping well these days…

Let our sleep community help you

At the American Sleep Apnea Association, we continue to expand our family of sites and programs—our sleep community, truly—to help you find solutions to your problems with sleep, and we don’t limit this discussion to sleep apnea.

Our recent efforts toward patient-centered advocacy include the opening of our new A.W.A.K.E. Facebook group. This option serves any and all who still do not have a bricks-and-mortar group meeting locally, or who simply prefer an online community.

This online sleep community extends its focus beyond PAP therapy support for those with sleep apnea. We invite anyone with any kind of sleep problem, diagnosed or not, to join the discussion, ask questions, share experiences, even have a chuckle from time to time.

We’ve also developed:

The ASAA exists to engage with, educate, and motivate patients who have sleep health concerns. We wish to thank you for your continued support.

How else might our sleep community be able to help you on your sleep health journey?

Let us know what you think… consider these questions and how you might want us to answer:

We encourage you to send us your answers to these questions. If you have other questions, comments, feedback, or suggestions, we would love to hear from you as well!

Listed below are wide variety of ways you can connect and communicate with our sleep community at the American Sleep Apnea Association. Pick your favorite! We’ll be glad to hear from you! Best in health,

—Your team at the American Sleep Apnea Association








American Sleep Apnea Association
2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW #7000 Washington, DC 20006

Telephone: 888-293-3650
FAX: 888-293-3650
eMail: asaa@sleepapnea.org

The ASAA is unable to provide medical or legal assistance. If you have a question related to sleep health or sleep disorders of all kinds, please visit our community forum at talk.sleepapnea.org to find advice and support from other patients or our volunteers.

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