Thanksgiving Is Giving Thanks

By Eugena Brooks

So, it begins. The holiday push retailers wait for all year long. However, before we stress ourselves out picking just the right gifts for our loved ones and staging plans for holiday parties, celebrations and festivities, let’s just stop and take inventory of all we have accomplished already.

Regardless if we kept resolutions longer than 5 minutes or not, we still have accomplished quite a bit since the start of January until now. Before we throw ourselves into the end of the year push for whatever we think we are lacking let’s stop and take inventory of all that we have managed to gain so far.

Since you are reading this blog, we can start by being thankful for being able for me to write this and you to read it. With this alone we are already blessed. We would like to take the time to acknowledge our blessings and give thanks to those that have supported our efforts to improve the care of those suffering with sleep apnea throughout the year.

Thank you to ResMed for the 1000+ machines donated in 2019. Also thank you to those of our members that have also donated over 1000 gently used machines into inventory between 2018 – 2019. All of which we have been able to share with those unable to access a CPAP machine through the CPAP Assistance Program (CAP).

Thank you to all the professionals, caregivers, and patients that participated in the AWAKETOGETHER Summit in San Francisco. Your time and efforts are invaluable in providing much needed information to help improve the healthcare of people suffering with sleep apnea and co-existing health issues. If you missed the Summit, visit our YouTube Channel for all the videos.

Last but certainly not least my personal thank you to the entire community. Words can never express the difference you have made in my life. Your advocacy, information and support has been invaluable to so many that suffer with sleep apnea. You do an amazing job and I am so grateful that you found me. In every way, I thank you so very much for being here.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and to your families; may we all enjoy restful nights.
Click here for information on the CAP Programs.