Don’t miss these 10 hot topics in sleep health, including snoring, sleep apnea & more

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Sleeptember Sleep Health Forum
There’s a lot of chatter happening over at the Sleeptember® Sleep Health Forum. Check out these Top Ten topics currently abuzz among members, featuring sleep apnea, snoring, diabetes, CPAP masks, and more:

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FORUM QUESTION: I’m a Mouth Breather… Now What?
For additional information: The problem with mouth breathing while using CPAP


FORUM QUESTION: When were you diagnosed with sleep apnea?
For additional information: Getting a sleep apnea diagnosis


FORUM QUESTION: Which CPAP Mask is Best for Me?
For additional information: Choosing CPAP masks


FORUM QUESTION: Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea
For additional information: Oral appliances


FORUM QUESTION: Nighttime urination and sleep apnea
For additional information: About nocturia


FORUM QUESTION: Snoring, apnea linked to diabetes in older adult
For additional information: Kidney health in relation to sleep apnea and diabetes


FORUM QUESTION: Chin straps to treat OSA
For additional information: CPAP masks and mask accessories


FORUM QUESTION: How many apneas and hypopneas per night
For additional information: After the sleep apnea diagnosis


FORUM QUESTION: Central apnea question
For additional information: What is central apnea?


FORUM QUESTION: Mild Sleep Apnea
For additional information: Obstructive sleep apnea basics


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