Sleeptember Forum: Sleep studies, CPAP masks, hypersomnia and more!

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Sleeptember Sleep Health Forum
We are proud to unite people with sleep disorders and their caregivers with healthcare professionals and resources to solve problems over at the Sleeptember® Sleep Health Forum.

These Top Ten recent topics since last June feature concerns about sleep studies, CPAP mask usage, understanding the relationship between ADHD and sleep, dealing with hypersomnia, traveling with CPAP, and more.

Have a  concern, question, suggestion, or comment? Stop by the forum and say hello!

What we’re talking about in the Sleeptember® Sleep Health Forum

Gold top 10 winner

  1. Don’t want to have new sleep study
  2. Mask frustration
  3. Hypersomnia plus sleep apnea
  4. How many apneas and hypopneas per night?
  5. Could my ADHD surely be sleep undiagnosed apnea?
  6. Children with Sleep Apnea
  7. Sleeping in a sitting position
  8. How do people with sleep apnea cope when they’re sick? 
  9. Traveling with CPAP
  10. Does anyone have a problem with falling asleep before putting CPAP on?

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  • Valerie

    My husband and I was married for almost a year, until one night he beat me up in his sleep. I divorced him because I’m really afraid of him and I couldn’t sleep when he slept. That was just absolutely scary ! He said he was fighting three men in his sleep. Maybe but I’m the one who he beat up. I divorced him out of fear. He said it’ll never happen again. Me personally didn’t believe him.