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Sleeptember Sleep Health Forum
People with sleep disorders, caregivers, and healthcare professionals unite over at the Sleeptember® Sleep Health Forum to find solutions for common sleep challenges. These Top Ten recent topics from the month of May feature concerns about Veterans disability, children with sleep apnea, mask fit issues, napping, and more. Have concern, question, suggestion, or comment? Stop by the forum and say hello!

Gold top 10 winner

  1. Sleep Apnea Diagnosis and Veterans disability
  2. Learn Waking up Early and Easily
  3. Children with Sleep Apnea
  4. New to the group and need help: I cannot find a mask that fits properly and the tech working with me, through my insurance, can’t either
  5. Pain inside nostrils
  6. Sleep is the New Status Symbol
  7. CPAP Assistance Program: American Sleep Apnea Association
  8. Napping Can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness, And More
  9. When were you diagnosed with sleep apnea?
  10. Mask frustration

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