sleep-wake cycle

sleep-wake cycle
20 Jun
Welcome to a Midsummer’s Night!
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Some people are unhappy about the Summer Solstice because it takes away from the darkness that some need to fall asleep, while others separate this twice annual phenomena by sta...
22 Apr
Earth Day reflection: The impact of pollution on sleep health
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Light pollution, US focus, flat. [Credit: Falchi et al., Science Advances, including Dan Duriscoe/NPS; Bob Meadows/NPS; Jakob Grothe/NPS contractor, and Matthew Price/CIRES and ...
27 Mar
Renew your sleep habits this Spring
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In the winter, we commonly make resolutions to start out the New Year that are related to self improvement. This is followed in some cases at midwinter by sacrifices defined by ...
17 Mar
Lights out! Today is World Sleep Day
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One of the simplest ways you can improve your overall sleep health, not only on World Sleep Day, but everyday, is by being mindful about your light sources at night. Avoid using...
05 Mar
Research: Sleep problems impact kidney health
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Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders are known to challenge the various systems in the body to maintain the critical functional balance called homeostasis. The kidneys are two ...