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drowsy driving kills

drowsy driving kills
19 Aug
Shift work and driver fatigue ended Dr. Brandon Rogers’ life
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Dr. Brandon Rogers, a graduate of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, was described as "the singing doctor," and "a standout contestant" in the show. Judge Simon Cowel...
07 Jun
3 years later: Tracy Morgan, Jimmy Mack, Walmart and drowsy driving
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For some context regarding drowsy driving legislation at that time: The Huffington Post reported just two days after the crash that "Early Saturday morning, a truck driver who r...
26 May
Don’t be asleep at the wheel about drowsy driving this weekend
Category: News, SleepHealth App
Anyone can fall asleep at the wheel: a tired mom, a night shift worker commuting home, a truck driver on a long haul, a teenager heading out for morning football practice. It's ...