12 Apr
CPAP My Frienemy: Developing a Good Relationship with Your Therapy
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Using a CPAP device may be frustrating to some as they get used to it, but it's important that you stick with it. The treatment is essential to avoiding complications of obstruc...
04 Mar
You Were Just Prescribed A CPAP – What’s Next?
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Let me start by saying sleep apnea is not so bad once you get a handle on it. In fact, addressing it is the beginning of improved health and enhancing of your quality of life.
27 Sep
Spotlight on SHMAC: Nurses could help sleep disorder patients “connect the dots”
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We recently connected with ASAA Sleep Health Medical Advisory Council member, Robyn Woidtke, MSN, RN, RPSGT, CCSH* and Principal at RVW Clinical Consulting, to chat about the va...
24 Aug
Your weight matters: obesity and sleep apnea
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While weight loss may not "cure" other health conditions like sleep apnea, healthy weight loss and management can lead to better sleep, ease of mobility, higher energy levels, a...
25 Jul
When sleep apnea and COPD meet: Overlap Syndrome
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Those with COPD struggle to maintain a healthy balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in their bloodstream during the day. If they also have OSA, this sleep breathing disorder kic...
23 Jul
Not your ordinary midnight snack: Sleep eating disorders
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Sleep eating disorders are not the result of “poor willpower” or some other judgmental explanation. While they're uncommon, they do exist and are considered part of the Rare Dis...
22 Mar
Don’t miss these 10 hot topics in sleep health, including snoring, sleep apnea & more
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There’s a lot of chatter happening over at the Sleeptember® Sleep Health Forum. Check out these Top Ten topics currently abuzz among members, featuring sleep apnea, snorin...
19 Mar
Diabetes and sleep apnea discussed on the Diabetes Late Nite podcast
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Max Szadek has wanted to talk about sleep health and diabetes for years now. He participated in a one-time project incorporating sleep and diabetic health which spawned a huge a...
16 Mar
Daylight Saving Time: The other March Madness
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The institutionalization of Daylight Saving Time (DST) in the US 1942—a federal mandate in which citizens are required to reset their clocks one hour in advance on a preselected...
05 Mar
Research: Sleep problems impact kidney health
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Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders are known to challenge the various systems in the body to maintain the critical functional balance called homeostasis. The kidneys are two ...