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continuous positive airway pressure

continuous positive airway pressure
31 Aug
Sleeptember Forum: Hurricane CPAP relief, mouth breathing, A.W.A.K.E. and more
Category: News
These Top Ten recent topics since last June feature concerns about relocating CPAP in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, ear loop masks for mouth breathers, news from the Maryla...
08 Aug
Did you know… about sleep & pulmonary hypertension?
Category: News
This entry in our "What about...?" comorbid conditions series discusses how sleep health has a defining influence on the development and progression of pulmonary hypertension (P...
03 Aug
Sleeptember Forum: Sleep studies, CPAP masks, hypersomnia and more!
Category: News, Uncategorized
These Top Ten recent topics since last June feature concerns about sleep studies, CPAP mask usage, understanding the relationship between ADHD and sleep, dealing with hypersomni...
25 Jul
When sleep apnea and COPD meet: Overlap Syndrome
Category: News, Uncategorized
Those with COPD struggle to maintain a healthy balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in their bloodstream during the day. If they also have OSA, this sleep breathing disorder kic...
08 Jul
CAP helps firefighters, police officers, and EMS personnel breathe easy
Category: News, Uncategorized
The hard-working service members in our communities deserve to have adequate access to therapy so they don't compromise their health. The ASAA offers CPAP kits (machines, masks,...
02 Jul
If you grind your teeth at night, you might have sleep apnea
Category: News, Uncategorized
A dentist is equipped to identify two problems that present as risk factors for obstructive sleep apnea: sleep bruxism (a night time grinding of the teeth of clenching of the ja...
25 Jun
Camping this summer? Don’t forget to pack your CPAP!
Category: News, Uncategorized
Between portable power supplies, super small and lightweight machines, and recharging accessories, a person who likes to camp can now bring their CPAP with them on trips to the ...
09 Apr
Infographic: 6 ways to maximize CPAP therapy during allergy season
Category: News, Uncategorized
Allergy season can be a challenge for CPAP users because of additional problems with congestion and other allergy symptoms. Aside from treating your allergies, what else can you...
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