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which bedhead are you sleeptember asaa selfie
Did you know… there’s more than one kind of bedhead?

Bedhead styles are usually what our hair looks like after a night of sleep… an outcome we rarely have control over (though some people go to great measures to wake up with ready-to-wear hair, such as those with the Flawless look).

Interestingly, some people strive for that bedhead look even during the day (check out the Flick and the Flathead, below).

Mostly, though, we’re all facing a stranger in the mirror with a surprising ‘do as soon as we climb out of bed.

Here are four of the most common bedhead styles, and a chance for you to take our poll to tell us what your most prominent bedhead style is.

dynamite bedhead selfie sleeptemberYes, it might look like a stick of dynamite went off in your hair. Or you could suggest it is your mad scientist look. Whatever hair you went to bed with will look nothing like what you wake up with… and you might notice some tangles in your sheets to match!




flick bedhead selfie sleeptemberYou might choose this for your day look, too. Some people go in for an “accidental” bedhead flick during the day… but they might need hair gel to achieve those errant cowlicks. Not you! All you need to do is go to bed, because you’ll wake up that way, naturally.




flathead bedhead selfie sleeptemberYour hair may not have any body left when you wake up with this bedhead. Or what body you do have may defy gravity at sunrise. This bedhead style, another “accidental” hairdo, denounces volume, celebrates Cubism, and indicates one-position sleeping.




flawless bedhead selfie sleeptemberBeyoncé isn’t the only one who seems to be able to pull off fresh, perfect curls and waves in the morning. Some people naturally find their hair in flawless shape in the morning. Maybe it’s because of soft foam curlers or satin pillow cases? (We’ll never tell.)





Everybody has a bedhead style. What’s yours?

Select from the options below. After the poll, visit our Facebook page to share your morning bedhead selfie (tag it with #ASAABedhead); even better, follow these instructions and your selfie might even win you four day passes to Disneyworld!

And don’t forget to pledge to get a little extra sleep in September!