Sleeptember Forum: Hurricane relief for CPAP users, second sleep studies, head colds and PAP therapy, more!

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Sleeptember Sleep Health Forum
This month the Sleeptember® Sleep Health Forum was especially useful for members dealing with the struggles of hurricane evacuation. That includes being able to locate and actually use one’s PAP therapy (power outages are the bane of a CPAP user’s existence!).

Other Top Ten topics in September feature concerns about using CPAP with a head cold, learning the Ten Commandments of Healthy Sleep, dealing with the possibility of having a second (or successive) sleep study, and more.

Have a  concern, question, suggestion, or comment? Stop by the forum and say hello!

What we’re talking about in the Sleeptember® Sleep Health Forum

Gold top 10 winner

  1. Using CPAP with a cold
  2. Ten Commandments of Healthy Sleep
  3. Don’t want to have a new sleep study
  4. Chronic Insomnia and Delayed Phase Insomnia, and Other Problems 
  5. 2017 Hurricane Harvey CPAP Relief and Hurricane Harvey
  6. Traveling with CPAP
  7. Sleep is the competition for Netflix. Don’t buy the temptation to binge!
  8. Obstructive Sleep Apnea and the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death: A Longitudinal Study of 10,701 Adults
  9. Pulse Oximeter?
  10. Would anyone like me to post the recording of tonight’s webinar in case you missed it? 

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