#SleepBetterFeelBetter: Hospital’s Sleep Navigators reinforce sleep as a vital sign

A typical Sleep Navigator is a sleep technologist or sleep health educator (CCSH) who “makes rounds” during the day, visiting up to 15 admitted patients for screenings that last around 30 minutes.

During these visits, they investigate patients’ overall health profiles as well as screen for potential sleep breathing problems and provide patient education.

Some of the tools for screening are familiar for those with OSA, but Weaver’s team also added questions more specific to central sleep apnea to help ferret out patients who may also struggle with this less common sleep breathing disorder. In any case, sleep becomes the indicator or vital sign that clarifies who may need to manage significant respiratory issues during sleep.

Sometimes patients already know they have problems, but they may not be treating them. Other times, patients are completely unaware they might have sleep breathing problems.