September is “Sleep”tember

Mark your calendars, because September is “Sleep”tember, and ASAA is planning a month full of interactive challenges, great stories, and tips to give you a great night’s sleep! Join us on our Sleeptember website (, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to join the fun!

For our 4th annual Sleeptember, ASAA will feature the “Portraits of Sleep Apnea” series, which will bring patient experiences of sleep apnea to life through videos, audio recordings, written stories, and still portraits. See photographs of everyday people living with sleep apnea, taken by renowned patient advocate and photographer Gilles Frydman. Every day will feature a new portrait and story!

Plus, if you join us on September 5th, you will be among the first people to see the results of our landmark Patient & Caregiver Survey. Over 5,600 people participated in this patient-driven original research, answering 31 questions about what it’s like to live with sleep apnea. Some of the results may surprise you!

Watch video interviews of people sharing their sleep journeys. Tell us YOUR story! Challenge your friends and family to adopt healthy sleep habits. Participate in interactive webinars that address sleep health. Register for the SleepHealth Mobile App – you will learn more about your personal sleep patterns while contributing to the study of sleep apnea!

There’s lots to do, and we want you right there with us! So get ready for the big kick-off on September 1, 2018 at, and keep coming back every day to see what’s new!

We can’t wait to see you in Sleeptember – until then, have a great night’s sleep!