Newsworthy: The ASAA receives first ever digital research collaboration award from Evidation Health

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  • Newsworthy: The ASAA receives first ever digital research collaboration award from Evidation Health

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San Mateo, CA-based healthcare innovator Evidation Health granted the American Sleep Apnea Association its first Digital Research Collaboration Award last week.

The award, part of Evidation’s Real Life Study Platform, marks a new partnership between the digital health and research company and the ASAA to achieve measurably better health-related outcomes using real-life data from connected patients.


evidation health logoA new, patient-centered, digital research partnership

This new partnership combines the ASAA’s patient-centered community focus and early experience with digital sleep research with Evidation Health’s machine learning expertise, health outcomes focus, and strengths in consumer marketing to improve and accelerate health research.

Already, the momentum is gathering. In this first-ever joint effort, the partnership achieved record recruitment numbers for the Sleep Health Web Study: 1000 participants enrolled in the first 24 hours. This success demonstrates the power of Evidation Health’s platforms to recruit virtual participants rapidly.

Time is always a challenge for healthcare research. Carl Stepnowsky, PhD, Chief Science Officer of the ASAA, said that “If we ran this study through a traditional clinical trial, we’d expect to enroll a few hundred participants over 2-3 years,” he said.

“The fact that with Evidation, we were able to enroll 1,000 in a day is wildly impressive…” Stepnowsky said of their research collaboration. “The proven ability of Evidation Health’s technology platform to rapidly recruit participants into this study makes possible our longtime goal of reaching and studying sleep in the broader population at massive scale.”

How it works

This new research-driven effort uses large-scale virtualized pragmatic trials to capture health data (in this instance, regarding sleep health and behaviors).

By gathering data via proprietary digital signals, Evidation’s innovative research platform can measure the impact of digital health and conventional medical interventions more efficiently than through previous traditional efforts.

Evidation Health focuses on working in tandem with top pharmaceutical companies, insurance carriers, healthcare providers, and digital healthcare companies to collect, manage, and interpret Big Data in the healthcare industry. Working with the ASAA brings new research collaboration opportunities for them to interface directly with patients.

The power of patient-centered directives

“Real life patient data from connected devices gives us powerful insights into population health behaviors—and, since everyone sleeps, this is one of the most relevant areas of study for real-world evidence,” said Claire Meunier, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Evidation Health.

“In selecting the ASAA as our first Digital Research Collaboration Award partner, we are recognizing the ASAA’s unique expertise and innovative approach to advance the field,” Meunier said. “By bringing our technology platform to these efforts, we can then deepen understanding of sleep health and better understand the impact interventions have on a condition, at massive scale.”

Wanted: Participants

The partnership enables the entire ASAA community, and any new individuals interested in sleep health, to participate in research. Study participants share self-reported outcomes and wearable device data.

In fact, the simplicity of the process is what makes being a part of the Sleep Health Web Study so appealing. Once this study concludes, the partnership plans to expand the study to an even larger population for further research collaboration focused on specific segments within that cohort.


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