Menopause: Why women struggle with sleep in their “golden years”

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Menopause is a challenging time for women for a variety of reasons. Sleep quality and quantity can be problematic as women enter perimenopause. Once menopause takes place, sleep can continue to be problematic in the postmenopausal years.

We’d like to hear from readers about their menopause-related sleep dilemmas and offer this video from Dr. Anna Garrett, who is producer of the “Dr. Anna’s Menopause Minute” series in YouTube.

Question for female readers:

Have you noticed changes to your sleep that roughly match timing and onset of perimenopause (prior to menopause)? If so, our members would love to hear from you—what challenges you’ve faced, what solutions worked for you—in our forum.


Dr. Anna Garrett specializes in helping women between the ages of 40 and 60 to balance their hormones during the close of their fertile years. She recently addressed the problems of falling asleep or staying asleep that might be caused by perimenopause and postmenopause in this video. Dr. Garrett discusses estrogen therapies, supplements, and sleep hygiene as solutions.