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Fredrick Key

Fredrick KeyFredrick Key was the beloved husband to Ernestine Key (ASAA Board Member) and adoring father to Lena Pearl Key. He peacefully transitioned to heaven in September 2018. Fred was an amazing jazz musician who played the upright bass and enjoyed riding all kinds of bikes, from spin cycles to motorcycles. Those who knew him know that he was a man filled with passion and a lot of love.

For several years, Fred went undiagnosed with a disorder called sleep apnea. It was this condition that later led to a massive stroke that he survived for nearly six years before his transition.

It is estimated that over 20 million American adults are undiagnosed with sleep apnea today. When untreated, it is often coupled with other serious health conditions like high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Loud snoring, daytime fatigue and gasping for air while sleeping are just a few of its symptoms. Meet Ernestine here to learn more about Fred’s life and diagnosis, and the Key Family’s dedication to raising awareness of  sleep apnea and its health consequences.

Fred’s Fund was created because the Key Family believes that with increased testing, increased awareness and increased treatment, more people that struggle with this condition can live longer and healthier lives. This is how the family wishes to honor Fred’s life. Fred’s Fund was established through the Community Foundation of Texas. More information on this organization, and Fred’s Fund can be found here


Fred’s Fund seeks to improve the lives of people struggling with sleep apnea, especially American men with African heritage, to make testing and treatment for sleep apnea easier and more accessible to those in need. Fred’s Fund supports this work through the American Sleep Apnea Association, by supporting the annual Sleeptember Campaign, which will kick off every year (starting in 2020) in tribute to Fredrick Key, on his birthday, September 1st.

Dr. Christian Guilleminault

Christian Guilleminault

In step with honoring the work most important to Dr. Guilleminault, the American Sleep Apnea Association ( will continue his passion and vision towards early recognition in pediatrics, multidisciplinary care, as well as searching for a potential cure for pediatric sleep apnea. Your generous donation below will help us honor his memory and extend Dr. Guilleminault’s lifelong work. If you prefer to donate through the gofundme platform, you can do so here.

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