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By Eugena Brooks

It’s April during a strange era where a virus has caused heartache by taking lives, but those of us with sleep apnea are blessed to have plenty to be grateful for this month! Many of us can truly celebrate CPAP Appreciation Day on Saturday the 18th.

COVID-19 has also created a terrible health situation for all people and for interrupting our lives. Indeed, the new coronavirus changed and impacted everyone’s way of life on so many levels.

However, we as sleep apnea sufferers have so much to appreciate the CPAP for. As always, we can appreciate that unlike the first CPAP models the machines, what we have now are compact, quiet, and far more economical than they used to be.

During the current “virus environment”, our breathing issues work against us even more than ever. So, having our CPAPs keep us breathing well through the night – thus keeping us healthier overall and making us less of a high health risk. That said, using the PAP regularly and keeping our machines in good working order is a priority.
Thoroughly cleaning my CPAP once a week has been a long-time habit of mine. However, now with COVID-19 floating around virtually everywhere, I clean my CPAP every day. It is worth it to me to be sure that nothing gets a chance to contaminate my machine. I keep it covered while not in use. I try to make sure that when I clean the parts that no one comes in the area as I am in process of cleaning and that nothing from outside can invade the area while the parts are drying.

These simple steps keep my machine in top condition for use and safe from contamination. We all know how uncomfortable the mask can be and what a pain being attached to a machine every night is, but honestly, I’d rather the CPAP at night than a respirator due to COVID-19 any day!

In the scheme of things, it’s a small price to pay to remain healthy and well. So, with new gained respect and appreciation for my CPAP, I move forward in hope that this recent devastating health issue is short lived and soon conquered by the health community. So, remember if you must go out- self-distance so that you and everyone else will remain well. Otherwise, stay home and enjoy the free time with your family while you can. This too shall pass.

In the meantime, you might enjoy watching last years’ insightful interview with Dr. Colin Sullivan, inventor of the CPAP.
CPAP Appreciation 2019 Dr. Sullivan: