Here’s a bedroom spring cleaning checklist… because #SleepIsWorthIt

Spring Cleaning for Better Sleep checklist #sleepisworthit

Spring cleaning tips… because #SleepIsWorthIt!

Nobody really likes to clean, but performing a deep clean in the Spring is valuable in so many ways.

For one thing, you’ll feel much better clearing out the dregs of winter now that the sun is shining and you can open the windows again.

Putting away odds and ends that seem to collect in the bedroom will make you feel better about entering the space where you sleep.

Finally, a good spring cleaning can make your sleeping space healthy again. Trapped, unmoving air can hold unwanted irritants and odors and carpet, bedding, and window treatments can collect allergens.

After a brisk day of deep cleaning the space in your house most meant to be a sanctuary, you’ll probably agree, for that little bit of effort, that #SleepIsWorthIt!

Check out these other recommendations for bedroom spring cleaning to maximize your sleep space this spring: