Healthy Weight Awareness

January is National Healthy Weight Awareness Month—a perfect time to concentrate on going on a quest to undoing the “damage” that holiday eating may have done.

Successful diet adjustments and exercise routines don’t develop overnight. It takes determination, understanding, planning and perseverance. Yes, you must really want to be healthy if you intend to be successful just like anything else. So, determination is definitely in play here.

Sleep apnea didn’t just happen overnight. It was a process that for some of us began because of or for the rest of us is aggravated by excess weight gain. Understanding what you are up against makes a difference. Much like the chicken and the egg it really doesn’t matter which came first sleep apnea or weight gain. The two work together to bring about other health issues and illnesses that can and will destroy the quality of your life.

That said, you need to make a plan that includes diet adjustments that makes sense for you in your situation and an exercise program that you can keep up with. Both should make you feel good.

The Healthy Women website raised the question about high-carbohydrate foods being a culprit of sleep issues in an interesting article, “Could Carb-Heavy Meals Keep You From Good Sleep?

For some reason people are under the impression that diet adjustments mean “tastes nasty” and that good exercise should cripple you. Wrong. Cut out processed foods because in general they are unhealthy. Find recipes that are low calorie, healthy and tasty and create your own meal plan. Likewise, exercise should be rewarding and fun. Try different things until you find what works for you. Yoga, tai chi, dancing or just taking a morning and evening walk.

Find what pleases you and you will want to keep on eating and doing it. Eat better you will have more energy. If you have more energy you will need ways to burn it up. Look at that catch 22.
Before you know it, your new year will mean a new you.

Eugena Brooks.