Give the Gift of Sleep this Holiday Season

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The American Sleep Apnea Association strives to improve the lives of anyone suffering from sleep health issues. We oftentimes consider a sleep issue as simply a part of life but it certainly should not be that way, especially when ignoring these problems can have severe life-threatening consequences.

One of the valuable ways the ASAA assists others is through our CPAP Assistance Program (CAP). During 2017, the CPAP Assistance Program provided over 2900 equipment packages to patients in need and demand is not slowing. It is our mission to help as many patients as possible get the important equipment that they need. No one should go untreated due to financial hardship or any other issues they may be facing. We cannot continue to offer this program without the support of people like you.

A $25 donation will provide an individual with one (1) full-face mask and you will receive a coupon for one (1) 30-minute nap or one (1) day to sleep in! 


A $50 donation will provide an individual with 6-months of supplies to include masks, filters, and tubes. You will receive a coupon for one (1) lazy day in pajamas and one (1) breakfast in bed!


A $100 donation will provide an individual in need with one (1) CPAP machine and you will receive a coupon for one (1) breakfast in bed, two (2) 30-minute naps, and two (2) lazy days in pajamas!


Any gift of $150 or more will provide patients in need with equipment equal to the amount of the donation and you will receive a coupon for ALL OFF THE ABOVE!

So why not give the gift of sleep this holiday season? With your donation, you will receive a printable coupon you can gift to someone who deserves a little extra rest and relaxation (or, you can keep it for yourself!) AND you will also provide someone in need with life-saving equipment. Make a gift in someone’s honor today and you will be guaranteed your spot on their ‘nice’ list!

Happy holidayzzz



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  • Chuck Bailey

    I would be interested in making a donation to your cause, either monetarily or in supplies necessary to the CPAP machines you are providing. Please contact me to discuss.

  • audreyquiron

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

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