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Support your loved one with great CPAP-related gifts this holiday!

gifts for CPAP users

Using CPAP can be a fantastic experience, but it can also be expensive.

Insurance covers the basics for most equipment and supplies, but some of the optional accessories available might make their experience even better!

The following gift ideas for CPAP users might be just the ticket if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who may already have everything else… or for someone who could use a little support with their therapy.


CPAP Battery Backup

Most CPAP machines can be run on a variety of battery backup systems.

Some are simple homemade connections to batteries that can be done DIY.

However, if you’re not an electronics whiz, you may wish to invest in a dedicated battery backup which kicks in at the moment of a power outage.

Travel CPAP Machine

The latest machines are expensive but worth it for people who schlep themselves across the country and back, from airport to airport, and who may even need to use their machine while in flight.

CPAP Sanitizer

Generally, most CPAP parts are simple to clean.

However, some people may have compromised immune systems or experience frequent head colds or infections caused by viruses or bacteria during flu season.

A sanitizing machine doesn’t clean the machine, but uses ozone to sanitize it.

CPAP Machine “Skin”

Let’s face it, CPAP machines are built for therapeutic reasons, and they don’t bring a lot of personality to the night stand.

For the CPAP user who wants to dress up their machine to match their decor, or a younger user who wants to express themselves, this is a fun gift!

CPAP Pillow

Depending upon the kind of mask worn, pillows can make the CPAP experience a challenge.

Side sleepers may find themselves limited because their masks don’t fit properly or their exhale ports blow into fluffed up pillows, creating noise and discomfort.

Pillows built with cut outs on the sides to make allowance for headgear and mask interfaces may be a practical solution.

CPAP Tubing Sleeve

The latest equipment comes with heated tubing, which helps with concerns about rainout (excess moisture collection inside the tubing and pooling into the mask).

But for someone with an older machine, they might not have this special tubing.

A decorative tubing sleeve can help insulate their tubing so they experience less rainout.

Stocking stuffer ideas

Even smaller items needed by CPAP users can make welcomed gifts.

  • Machine filters need to be replaced every few weeks. Find the machine make and model your loved one uses and match it with disposable filters so they don’t have to restock later.
  • CPAP mask liners are a must for those users who awaken with red marks on their noses or cheeks. These soft, disposable liners help maintain a good mask fit and provide a comfortable interface.
  • CPAP wipes make cleanup easy for users. A clean CPAP mask makes for a healthy mask that will last a long time.

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