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Depression is often part of the journey for Sleep Apnea patients, adding even more challenges to a difficult path. The ASAA is partnering with the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance to help FDA and life science companies understand what’s most important to every person living with depression. Be part of this joint effort by responding to the “Supporting Wellness” survey.

Since going live on August 1, 2018 the survey has received over 4,500 responses to this first-ever peer designed survey that enables respondents to share views on wellness as well as, identify research priorities.


Please register to attend the DBSA-led Patient-Focused Medical Product Development Meeting on November 16, 2018. Our collective voices are needed in-person at this meeting which will be held near the FDA campus in Silver Spring, MDThis meeting will empower people living with depression and/or bipolar to share their personal views on aspects of wellness and name the wellness strategies that work best for them. For those who live farther out, they can participate via live stream.

Please register to attend either in person – or online here.


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