Getting Involved

1. Sleep apnea is misunderstood. Make sure the correct information gets around.

Thousands of Twitter users circulate flawed information about sleep apnea. When you follow sleepapneaorg, and retweet posts, you help us get people the best information, and from a source they can trust.

2. “Like” us on Facebook. facebook like clip

We use Facebook to disseminate information about opportunities to raise awareness, as well as updates on science and sleep culture. Much of this content is available only on Facebook.

When you “like” our page, our posts will be included in your Facebook News Feed. Liking our page also helps your Facebook friends find us.

You can choose to view our most recent updates all at once from within your Facebook home page. Look for an option in the top right for “Top News,” and another for “Most Recent.”  If you select “Most Recent,” an arrow will appear to its right. When you click that arrow, a drop-down box appears, from which you can select “Pages.”  Then, your news feed will display only the most recent updates from pages you like—like us!

3. Tell your story!

In person, on Twitter, and on Facebook, help us show people how treating sleep apnea changes lives. Tell someone your story today.

Show family members your PAP or oral appliance to help ease any fears they may have about getting tested if they have symptoms. If you’ve heard or seen someone snore or stop breathing, record it and play it back for them, or count the number of times they stop breathing in an hour.  Sleep apnea can run in families.

4. CPAP Assistance Program

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