30 Sep
Sleeptember Forum: Hurricane relief for CPAP users, second sleep studies, head colds and PAP therapy, more!
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These Top Ten recent topics from September feature concerns about head colds and CPAP, hurricane relief for CPAP users, having a second sleep study, and more.
16 Sep
Disaster relief and sleep health: Share your experiences, tell us how we can help
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We are here to help. Our CPAP Assistance Program has been mobilized to provide evacuees with much-needed PAP machines and supplies lost to the hurricanes. We are also here to...
27 Aug
SB 328: Why is the state of California legislating for later bell times?
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Sleep changes among teens are related to shifts in their circadian rhythms at the onset of puberty. Most tweens and teens experience what is considered a delayed sleep phase as ...
24 Aug
Your weight matters: obesity and sleep apnea
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While weight loss may not "cure" other health conditions like sleep apnea, healthy weight loss and management can lead to better sleep, ease of mobility, higher energy levels, a...
20 Aug
Back to school: Don’t lose sleep over kids losing sleep
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Most parents likely agree... a seamless transition from summer break to the fall school schedule can only happen when sleep is made a top priority.
19 Aug
Shift work and driver fatigue ended Dr. Brandon Rogers’ life
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Dr. Brandon Rogers, a graduate of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, was described as "the singing doctor," and "a standout contestant" in the show. Judge Simon Cowel...
16 Aug
Update: An illuminating toxicology report for Tiger Woods
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We'll be waiting to see how Tiger Woods' drug use and DUI charges pan out. What happens next may very well shape the way drowsy driving in its various forms—driving while drowsy...
03 Aug
Sleeptember Forum: Sleep studies, CPAP masks, hypersomnia and more!
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These Top Ten recent topics since last June feature concerns about sleep studies, CPAP mask usage, understanding the relationship between ADHD and sleep, dealing with hypersomni...
26 Jul
The American Sleep Apnea Association pays tribute to John Walsh
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Over the course of the next few years, after meeting this legend and his amazing brother in arms, Bill Clark (both so graciously mentoring me), the work we now do at the America...
25 Jul
When sleep apnea and COPD meet: Overlap Syndrome
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Those with COPD struggle to maintain a healthy balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in their bloodstream during the day. If they also have OSA, this sleep breathing disorder kic...