It’s Sleeptember! Post your Morning Bedhead Selfie, win Disney tickets!

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Welcome to Sleeptember® 2017!

The American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA) invites you, your friends and family, and communities nationwide to join in the fun this month by participating in our 2017 Sleeptember® campaign! The theme for this year (drumroll please):


Starting today, September 1, and every day through the rest of the month, we are calling for MORNING BEDHEAD SELFIES! You know you have one. Everybody’s got one! Let’s have some fun and show off our best selves in first light!which bedhead are you morning bedhead selfies american sleep apnea association sleeptember campaign 2017

Here’s how it works

  • Take a photo of yourself first thing in the morning, showing off your unique bedhead
  • Use your filters (or not) on your morning bedhead selfie… we won’t judge!
  • Please share your morning bedhead selfie on your favorite social media sites as appropriate and join in the fun!
  • Post your morning bedhead selfie using these hashtags: #ASAAbedhead and #sleeptember
  • Challenge your friends and family to post their morning bedhead selfies, too!
  • The morning bedhead selfie tagged with #ASAAbedhead which grabs the most likes will win a prize: 4 (four) One-Day Park Hopper tickets for Disneyworld theme park! Prize value is $648.00. Tickets are valid during normal operating hours and provide admission to a magical one-day experience at Disney’s unique theme park in Orlando.

Whatever you do, don’t lose sleep over it!

In fact, while you’re at it, make the pledge to sleep a little longer during Sleeptember®. This might mean taking a nap if you need one, or going to bed 15 minutes earlier, setting your morning alarm 15 minutes later, or opting out of that Netflix bedtime binge so you can get some much-needed Zzzs. Whatever works for you is all we ask!

Finally, did you know there were different kinds of bedheads? Stay tuned to find out what kind of bedhead you are by reading this blog and following us in social media!


The ASAA exists to promote the importance of good sleep health to overall health. #Sleeptember is our month-long campaign to raise awareness of sleep disorders, to educate people on the importance of sleep, and to promote healthy sleep habits.

Look for other activities throughout the month of September—as well as the rest of the year—as we encourage people around the world to get involved, improve their health, and contribute their ideas to good sleep health and to support patient-centered research.