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The AWAKEtogether objective is to mobilize our community members to share their experiences and make their successes, challenges, and needs known. Our focus remains both on interdisciplinary care and on patients’ stories. Interdisciplinary care is important for easier and faster diagnosis, more treatment options, and better life outcomes. Patient stories capture Real World Evidence on the hurdles and triumphs to truly achieve a better night sleep resulting in improved daytime functions and mood.

Last year was a reflective time at the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA). As the world braced for a new way of life during the pandemic, ASAA adjusted its course and identified the 8 Unmet Needs of Sleep Apnea Patients. Bringing together 2 years of surveys and patient feedback, we identified this roadmap that clearly states the most pressing needs of our community.

Taking lessons learned from this past year of virtual meetings and video calls, this year ASAA hosted the AWAKEtogether with single, 1-hour webinars each day, for 4 days – May 24 through May 27, 2021.  This daily schedule provided our audience with needed flexibility. Our goal is to begin to address some of the Unmet Needs of Sleep Apnea by highlighting patient journeys dealing with Low Awareness, Lack of Prevention and Poor Detection.

ASAA would like to invite you to continue the journey with us as you return to regular activities in the new normal.

A discussion on COVID and the long term effects it can have on our apnea community with Sairam Parthasarathy, MD, Robert Thomas, MD and Alice Rolling, a sleep apnea patient.

A discussion about the importance of diagnosing and treating sleep apnea in children with Sarah Honaker, PhD, D.BSM, Michelle Caron, an OSA patient, and Margarita Aguilar, a parent of a 5-year-old OSA patient.

A discussion on the similarities and differences between insomnia, sleep apnea and fatigue with Michael Grandner, PhD, MTR, CBSM, FAASM, Theresa Shumard, ASAA Board Member, and Mark Rue, a sleep apnea patient.

An educational and informative discussion for sleep apnea patients and caregivers about the importance of discussing your sleep apnea while receiving anesthesia with Frances Chung, MBBS, FRCPC, Kevin Bradley, ASAA Webinar Host, and Gilles Frydman, ASAA Chief Strategy Officer and sleep apnea patient.


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