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By Eugena Brooks

Appreciating the promise a brand-new year brings isn’t fully satisfying without understanding where someone or something has been. This month is a suitable time to look back over the past year’s events that transpired, accomplishments that were achieved, and the people with whom we’ve engaged. When you think about it, looking back (not dwelling) is a key factor in moving forward. We learn from the past.

It’s time to roll out the annual report for the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA) which is a glimpse into its mission, progress, and outcomes, while reporting its achievements.  The annual report is a go-to resource of information on activities and programs sponsored by ASAA up to the end of the fiscal year (July 1, 2018- June 30, 2019). And any annual report would be amiss, however, without mentioning a look forward– and this report delivers.



This fiscal year has seen the conclusion of several major research studies in which the ASAA was involved, such as its O2VERLAP Study with the COPD Foundation and the SleepHealth App Study. ASAA looks forward to sharing results from this research with you in FY19/20.

The ASAA has launched a completely new website, with more content and new ways for patients to connect, share, learn, and get involved! One of the focal themes this year has been to take a multi-disciplinary, holistic approach to sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment, and identifying issues where patient experiences and outcomes can be improved.
The fiscal year ended this summer with preparations for another AWAKE survey to gather patients’ perspectives on these issues. The ASAA’s AWAKETogether Summit in California focused on this interdisciplinary approach and patient-identified barriers to effective sleep apnea treatment.

ASAA thanks this community for donations to the CPAP Assistance Program (CAP) for those in need. These donations of gently used machines helped pay it forward to patients that could not otherwise afford the treatment prescribed for their OSA.

ASAA was able to help so many of us deal with sleep apnea. ASAA has had a very exciting and busy year. So, in all the happenings of this brand-new year (and decade!) take the time to check out the report. There is a lot of valuable information for people with sleep apnea and their caregivers as well as those interested in what ASAA is all about.



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