For bright-eyed days and sleep-friendly nights, follow our Spotify playlists!

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Listening to our Spotify music playlists can get your through a long day and send you off to sleep at night

Most of us recognize the power of music to awaken us in the morning. It can be our midday pick-me-up and even transition us from wakefulness to sleep at night. To this end, we created a series of Spotify music playlists for you to enjoy during those times of the day when music can make all the difference. 

Let’s build a Spotify music playlist together!

We’d love your help in expanding our Spotify music playlists!

Please comment on this post with your favorite tunes and the corresponding hashtag: #GoodMorningMusic, #AfternoonTunes, #SoundAsleep. 

We hope to add three daily requests from readers to each respective Spotify music playlist. Why not join in the fun? Share your #sleepsongs with the community, and we can all be singing the same tune!

We like these artists and hope they’ll inspire you to share your favorite music to wake up to, music to recharge during the day, and music to fall asleep by.

Click on the links below for each Spotify music category and have a listen! Don’t forget to follow us in Spotify!

spotify music list #goodmorning music#GoodMorningMusicspotify music happy to be awake guy
A playlist featuring Bill Withers, Wham, Justin Timberlake, and others

spotify music list #AfternoonTunes#AfternoonTunes
A playlist featuring Katrina & The Waves, WALK THE MOON, Arcade Fire, and others

spotify music list #SoundAsleep#SoundAsleep
A playlist featuring Emmylou Harris, Claude Debussy, Norah Jones, and others

Not sure where your song might fit? If you have a favorite song that promotes the positives of being wide awake, sleeping well, or sweet dreaming, let us know. Suggest an add for our miscellaneous category, #SleepSongs, and we’ll find a home for it!

This project is sponsored by the American Sleep Apnea Association family of services, including the Sleeptember® forum,, and communities.

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