Sound asleep: Tell us your favorite bedtime songs

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Late summer nights can still be light summer nights in certain parts of the world. When the sun sets late, it can make it hard for many of us to fall sound asleep.

For instance, the sun never really goes down in northern latitudes in Alaska and parts of Scandinavia for a few weeks in the summer. This can make for some seriously confused circadian rhythms! The consequences of lost sleep because of lingering natural light? Problems with daytime sleepiness, irritability, even car accidents.

However, music might be the ticket to falling asleep when the sky’s still light and you still need some shut eye. 

Let’s build a Spotify music playlist together!

We created a series of Spotify music playlists for you to enjoy during those times of the day when music can make all the difference. That includes music for relaxing and unwinding at night. Studies show listening to music can help you drift off more easily to sleep.

We need your help with our nighttime music playlist!

In the comments section below, please share your favorite music to sleep by. Include the hashtag, #SoundAsleep, and we’ll add it to our growing playlist of nighttime sendoff songs!

spotify music list #SoundAsleep

#SoundAsleep A playlist featuring Emmylou Harris, Claude Debussy, Norah Jones, and others

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The ASAA has multiple Spotify playlists available to help you:

  • wake up energized (#GoodMorningMusic)
  • recharge during the day (#AfternoonTunes), and
  • relax to fall asleep (#SoundAsleep)

Not quite sure where you favorite tunes fall in the lineup? Share them in comments below and hashtag #sleepsongs; we’ll find the perfect playlist home for you!

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