CAP helps firefighters, police officers, and EMS personnel breathe easy

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All civil servants (police, emergency, fire department, military personnel) can qualify

Studies show a high rate of sleep apnea among our firefighters, police officers, emergency medical professionals and other first responders, including active military personnel. These hard-working public servants often live a considerable percentage of their lives away from home. They also frequently work overnight shifts or multiple consecutive shifts, especially in times of disaster.

Many of these people have only one CPAP machine which they must pack with them to work. In some cases, the hassle of packing their therapy to and from work means they don’t bother with it. They may end up going without it at the station or at home, as a result.

The service members in our communities deserve better than this, we think. The ASAA wants to remove this obstacle by offering CPAP kits (machines and accessories) or replacement CPAP masks* to civil servants who could use a spare.

The ASAA’s CPAP Assistance Program (CAP) has provided over 5,000 CPAP equipment packages to patients in need over the last three years. It is our mission to help as many patients as possible get the treatment that they need. No one should go untreated due to financial hardship or other issues.

Check out all the ways our service members can breathe easy and benefit from CAP below.

Breathe Easy: Click to apply for a CPAP kit

Due to a generous donation and for a limited time, the ASAA has more than 6,000 brand-new ResMed S8 packages available for sleep apnea patients who need a new machine, a replacement or backup, or a spare to leave bedside at the station.

The equipment package consists of a factory-sealed positive air pressure machine (CPAP, AutoCPAP) and new tubing, filter, and carrying case along with patient and clinician manuals and data card. Masks may or may not be included depending upon the user’s needs. The equipment package is offered “as is” and does not come with a humidifier or warranty and technical support from the manufacturer. However, the ASAA provides a 30-day warranty in the event the device is damaged and will replace the machine for free.

Required: a simple application and proof of prescription, plus a $100 Program Fee per package. This fee helps the ASAA to offset the warehousing, personnel, and shipping costs that make this program possible.

Breathe Easy: Click to apply for a replacement CPAP mask

*Due to a large donated supply of ResMed Quattro FX Full Face masks and Philips Respironics Amara Gel full-face masks, we are able to provide our members and patients a significant cost saving opportunity to stock up for the year. This offer is limited to ResMed Quattro FX Full Face masks with headgear in your choice of medium or large and the Philips Respironics come with 2 headgear sizes, and 4 cushion sizes petite, small, medium and large and only while supplies last. No other mask brands, style or sizes currently apply.  These masks retail for $185.00+ online. A prescription is required; click here for suggested donations to cover the program costs and shipping via USPS First Class.

Help someone else Breathe Easy: Click to donate your CPAP machine

Do you have gently used CPAP equipment? The CAP program needs donations of CPAP, Auto CPAP, Bi-Level and heated humidifiers, factory sealed masks and new unused tubing.

Help someone else Breathe Easy: Click to make a gift online to support our CAP program

If you don’t have CPAP equipment to donate, you can still help! Donations to support the ASAA are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated!

More ways to Breathe Easy: Click to raise funds for yourself or Provide a PAP

Do you need help from friends and family to get a new CPAP?  Start your own fundraiser at our Provide a PAP campaign or help someone else in need.

The American Sleep Apnea Association acknowledges and thanks the following organizations for their generous support of the CPAP Assistance Program:philips respironics resmed secondwind cpap sponsors of cpap assistance program